18 Jul 2009

belated update

So - not much happening. Until later today.

I'll finally get around to benching that 4850X2. Since then, I picked up the Gainward GS GLH 4870X2 (retails at £420) for £200 on the BenchTec website as well, so I'll be benching that too (and in CF). I expect some global points here, so wish me luck.

In terms of moving computers around, I finally organised the machine I'm selling to a mate - yes, I'm selling HarukaKanata in the CM 335 Elite. As such, my PC situation is being completely moved around (also so I can get my i7 out for benching).

JC now has a 550W PSU and the GTX280 in it. It's now my purely CUDA machine (BOINC and work).

HAL is now up and running - as a 2x 4850 in CF crunching machine AND my network storage:

E6400 @ 2.4Ghz
MSI Platinum PowerUp
700W PSU
2x4850 in CF with Akasa Nero Vortexx VGA Coolers
Antec 300

A few points about HAL - with two GFX cards in there always at full pelt, with the extra coolers, the temps are sort of in reasonable levels. The card on top never goes above 60C, however the card at the bottom hits 90C. While better than the 110 I was getting before, I'd like that 90 to be 80. Though I have noticed that if I overclock the cards, they actually use less shader cores on BOINC, and are cooler, but still crunch faster. Weird that. So the top card runs at 800/750 (mem speed doesn't matter for BOINC, so it's underclocked), the bottom at 730/750. Given that 3D speed is meant to be 625/1000, I reckon that's quite good.

In terms of Dutchie, well at the minute it has not got a PSU, and is going in my Verre v770. It'll get a couple of graphics cards (if at some point my 4670s become useful...) and a PSU as and when.

HELLFIRE is going into the Thermaltake Armour. It's big, roomy, and I've been spending money on things like the 4870X2 rather than on a case. I've changed the fan on the CPU cooler to an AC-Ryan 80CFM one rather than the Delta - I think it was going too fast for optimal air contact.

So today, my benching will hopefully consist of:

4850X2 in CF (i.e. a 4850X2 and something else)
4870X2 in CF (again, a 4870X2 and something else)
4850 in CF if I get around to it...

Maybe sort out my overclock on HELLFIRE, too.

In terms of BOINC update, well the ATI cards are doing wonders at MilkyWay. I'm now 6.3 million credits there, 9mill total on BOINC, top 1000 in world, top 50 in UK. I dabbled a bit with a project called Aqua@Home, which were giving very good credits per CPU time. But now their credit system is being moved around, so I'm doing a bit more on SETI to get it up to 250K, and Aqua to 1M. Would like GPUGrid on 1M too, with MilkyWay on 10M.

2 Jul 2009

mk-36 laptop benching

I was lucky enough to get hold of a friends laptop these past couple of days, to replace a hard drive. Needless to say, benchmarks were forthcoming!

The system is best described as:

Acer Aspire 5051
AMD Turion 64 MK-36 - 2Ghz stock
Radeon Mobility 1100

For both the CPU and GPU, there were less than 20 results for each benchmark, so I was guaranteed some points.

(Actually, as I'm writing this, I forgot to do some stock benchmarks for the CPU. Damn - that's for tomorrow then.)

Overclocking the CPU involved some SetFSB - managed 2213Mhz stable, and 2100Mhz for benching.

So, 2D results:

CPU-Z: 2213Mhz
PiFast: 57.97s @ 2100Mhz
SuperPi 1m: 41.11s @ 2100Mhz
SuperPi 32m: 35m 39.88s @ 2100Mhz
wPrime 32m: 1m 19.06s @ 2175Mhz
wPrime 1024m: 43m 50.33s @ 2100Mhz
PC Mark05: nothing, couldn't get it to work

Overclocking the GPU was a hard task. Hard enough that all I tried didn't work. So these are all stock scores, on an overclocked (2100Mhz) CPU:

Aquamark 3: 14207
3D Mark 01: 6008
3D Mark 03: 1523
3D Mark 05: 685
3D Mark 06: 186

So that's a nice haul of a bronze cup and 3 medals.

In other news, I ordered a 4850X2 today. So that means I can post some scores in the 4850X2 category, and the 4850X2 in CF (I'll team it with a 4850) categories. Also, the added bonus of crunching = win.

I've noticed I didn't put my 2x 4850 in CF scores up on the bot. And I can't find copies of them anywhere. So I'll do them again. It's a damn shame the UK is SOOO HOT AND HUMID at the minute. The results might be mediocre... at best.