11 May 2010

AMD Releases Processor Updates

AMD today have launched five new processors, to replace current products, ranging from the budget Athlon II X2 260 to the Athlon II X4 610.

Hard Drives to reach 3TB in 2010?


Sources close to Seagate roadmaps have leaked the potential of a 3TB SAS drive being released this year.

10 May 2010

Intel announce super Westmere-EX for servers

The newest product to be thrusted into Intel's server arsenal will be called Westmere-EX, and is set to directly compete with AMD's Mangy-Cours server chip which features 12 cores, and AMD's future Bulldozer architecture.

MSI has announced the HTPC oriented 740GM-P25

Announcing high end products and 'Halo' type hardware is relatively easy for manufacturers - slap some snazzy artwork next to a few pictures, wring a few industry related endorsements, put the major selling points in big letters, write a website page for it, and maybe run a competition to let a couple of people win one.    For entry level boards, it's a different matter - make it work well, and price it right.  This is exactly what MSI are trying to do on their new 740GM-P25.

7 May 2010

Inno3D announce triple slot GTX 470 Hawk

The Fermi cards have now been out (and only just available) for the just over a month.  Like the AMD 5xxx series, the first cards used reference PCBs and reference coolers - the only way you could distinguish between the different companies was by the branded sticker on the large chunky cooler.  Given time, and knowledge of the system, custom coolers were just around the corner.  This is what we see in the new Inno3D GTX 470 Hawk.

Galaxy GTX 470 GC - The world's first non-reference Fermi

Galaxy have pleasantly surprised us, and the folks at vr-zone.  To the table, they bring their GTX 470 GC, a 100% non-reference design graphics card utilising an NVIDIA GeForce Fermi 470 GPU.  Measuring 9 inches (compared to the reference 9.5 inches) and featuring a blue PCB, Galaxy have essentially mated a graphics card with a robot figurine.

Fastest memory race heats up - Corsair® announce blazing hot 2533Mhz DDR3

The whole 'fastest memory' halo product race is a bit of a farce.  In terms of DDR3, Corsair started the race back in 2007 with their first set of Dominator modules, running at 1600Mhz, 10-8-8-24.  This has been followed and bested, mainly by Corsair, but with sneak appearances by Kingston, G.Skill and Patriot (see below).  Now Corsair are marketing the next in their line of 'I've got a big cock' memory - 2533Mhz DDR3.

4 May 2010

Supermicro to expand their GPU servers to include Fermi-level Tesla

Supermicro have launched today their second generation of GPU computing servers, using NVIDIA Tesla 20-series GPUs.  This product line is an upgrade from their first generation servers, and features a 1U server with 2x M2050 Tesla cards; a 4U tower that supports four C2050 Tesla GPUs, three other PCI-E cards, and support for eight hot-swappable 3.5" SAS/SATA drives; and a 2U twin server that supports two hot-pluggable GPU nodes and onboard QDR InfiniBand for 40GB/sec connectivity.

Corsair add 32GB and 256GB models to their Nova SSD range

Corsair have announced today that they are expanding their Nova SSD range to include both the 32GB and 256GB models.

Biostar announce the TA890FXE and ‘BIOKING’

Okay, I lied a little.  Biostar announce their new tech as ‘BIO-unlocKING’, a feature on their latest 8xx series motherboard to unlock the quad core Thuban based processors (such as the Phenom II X4 960T) to their hexacore variants.  Biostar cover themselves by noting that not all quad core Thubans will unlock.  This feature will also help with unlockable dual core chips.

Big Bang-XPower: A new MSI motherboard announced

Popular motherboard manufacturer MSI has announced  the next weapon in their motherboard arsenal - the MSI Big Bang-XPower. Like other second generation X58 motherboards, the XPower will feature SATA 6G and USB 3.0 teamed up with a slew of overclocking features in order to captivate the enthusiast market.

Sapphire announces the passive HD 5550 Ultimate


Today, Sapphire have announced the latest in their lineup of ATI 5xxx series graphics cards - the passively cooled HD 5550, dubbed the 'Ultimate'.

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