31 Jul 2010

Gainward announces a 2GB GTX 460


If you’re on the lookout for a GTX460, you had two choices – the 768MB versions, or the 1GB variants.  Fromour recent review, the 1GB versions, due to their increased memory bus width, outperformed the 768MB versions by quite a few percentage points.  This is also reflected in the price of the 1GB 460 over the 768MB 460.  So now Gainward are adding to the mix, with a 2GB GTX 460 model.

13 Jul 2010

OCZ Unveils 4GB DDR3-2133 Modules


The amount and speed of the RAM in a system is always indicative of the user and the software.  Small home users require nothing more than enough for the operating system, word processing, web browsing and email. CAD engineers, VM users, and video/ music/graphic editors may require density over speed, to cope with a potentially large workload, while overclocking fanatics like memory that goes fast. OCZ plans to cater to both overclocking and high memory users, with the announcement of high speed, 4GB memory modules.