24 Jun 2010

Sapphire HD5670 Ultimate Announced


Sapphire is bringing a constant stream of passively cooled 5xxx series GPUs to the market – if you recall, we reported on the Sapphire HD5550 Ultimate only a couple of months ago.  This time, they have another iteration to introduce to the market – the HD5670.  With HDMI, Dual-Link DVI and DisplayPort connections, the card will support three monitors in an ATI Eyefinity configuration with a suitable DisplayPort monitor or active display adapter.  DirectX 11 and CrossFireX support comes as standard.

18 Jun 2010

Computex 2010: Motherboards


Another year, another Computex.  Every time it comes around, vendors attempt to tease and tantalise both journalists and Joe Public alike with concept models, previews, machines running really fast, and the ubiquitous booth attendants holding motherboards upside down.  As part of our motherboard coverage here at AnandTech, rather than post separate news articles for each motherboard, we've had a look through what Computex 2010 had to offer, including current and to-be-released products, and got facts straight from the manufacturers where possible.

6 Jun 2010

ASRock X58 Extreme3: An Enthusiast X58 Motherboard at a Budget Price?


Today, we take a look at an X58 motherboard from ASRock, the Extreme3.  The Extreme3 is the next iteration up from the ASRock X58 Extreme, with the notable additions being USB3 and SATA 6Gb/s functionality. The good news is that ASRock have managed to provide the extra features whilst retaining a sub $200 price point, making it a difficult board to ignore...

News Just In: Gigabyte Announces USB3 Mini-ITX H55 Motherboard

In the race to get a USB3 capable mini-ITX motherboard to market, Gigabyte has today announced the first entry into the arena - the GA-H55N-USB3.  Measuring a tiny 17cm x 17cm, this board is a stark contrast the the Gigabyte X58A-UD9 released last week.

News Just In: A Single Slot GTX 470 from Galaxy

Power and heat output are often issues which stride the minds of graphics card enthusiasts.  Sufficient cooling and a beefy power supply are often a prerequisite if one wishes to invest in NVIDIA’s latest Fermi offering.  So what happens when we catch word of a single slot graphics card containing a Fermi GPU?