11 Aug 2009

boinc update

Ahh, more BOINC progress.

Just hit 13M credits total, nearly 10M in Milkyway, nearly 1M in GPUGrid and nearly 250K in SETI:

I'm hitting all my main targets here. I was wanting to pad out this graphic:

With results at each of the 10K, 25K, 50K, 100K, 250K, 500K, 750K, 1M, 2.5M, 5M and 10M milestones. Each milestone requires a certain amount of projects to reach that level, and SETI will be getting my my 250K one soon and MW will hit the 10M one soon. So that goal is done.

Well, what's left then? Gain more credits?

In respect to the fact that I'll be using a 16 thread machine at work in the near future, I've come up with the following plan:

a) Reach my main goals with respect to the second graphic. This means:
- Milkyway @ 10M
- GPUGrid @ 1M
- SETI @ 250K

b) Work on little projects where I am below 80% in terms of credit. For now I'll limit this to:
- Rosetta
- FreeHal
- Einstein
- Spinhenge
- Ramsey
- Malaria
- SETI-Beta
And for each of them I'll get them up to 50K, and hopefully above that 80% line.

c) Now for some bigger goals - get as high as I can on each project to get 1st or 2nd in terms of 'who joined the same day I did'. This means the following projects and targets:
- CPDN @ 250K
- QMC @ 600K / 1.2M
- PrimeGrid @ 250K
- WCG @ 1.25M
- Cosmology @ 1M
- Rosetta @ 500K/1M/5M
For Rosetta and QMC, the numbers gets me into 3rd/2nd/1st but because there is such a gap it might be worth doing it in stages.

All this time, my GFX cards will be doing MilkyWay (get up to 20M or something) and GPUGrid/SETI/Aqua.

I do have a motherboard and chip here (i.e. Dutchie) not in a case or with graphics cards, so I'm deciding whether to build it up into a machine, or try and sell it on as my father is needing a new machine soon.

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