14 Aug 2009

boinc update

So, a new project has come into the BOINC world:


The Collatz project is designed to prove/disprove the Collatz conjecture through brute force techniques. The project will end when this is done.

Good thing about this project is that there are optimised apps for ATi GPUs and nVidia GPUs. The 64-bit CPU application is pretty good as well, the 32-bit one is a bit crap. But, it doesn't have the single precision requirement like MilkyWay, so I can use my two 4670 cards for it as well.

So I've put them into Dutchie, and Dutchie into the old P4 case I had. My ATi cards in HAL are now working on Collatz too, and when GPUGrid hits 1M, it'll transfer over too. My CPUs will still work on the goals mentioned in my last post. So far, time per WU looks like:

802.781 sec for 159.75 creds
780.875 sec for 149.11 creds

1359.91 sec for 155.14 creds
1442.56 sec for 157.38 creds
1434.11 sec for 158.53 creds

Q6600 @ 2.85Ghz, 32-bit:
32533.23 sec for 167.23 creds

So yeah, CPU is a bit crap at 2k creds per day per quad core on 32-bit. But 1M Collatz creds should take about 60 days on one 4850. Or 30 on two, 15 on four.

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