13 Apr 2009

benchmark update

I had some time on a couple of computers in the lab - the a Pentium 4 3.4Ghz Prescott (which I thought sold millions, but looks like not that version), and a Cedar Mill core - aka Pentium 4 631, which did sell loads.

The Cedar Mill core did nothing spectacular:

78.06 s on PiFast
46.72 s on 1M SuperPi

There's a good reason for this. The Cedar Mill chips were awesome overclockers - one person even got it up to 8Ghz! So I wont get anything for those submissions.

The 3.4Ghz Prescott netted me these results:

38.82 s on 1M SuperPi - 6th best on hwbot.org for this chip
65.06 s on PiFast - Numero Uno on hwbot.org for this chip

There is a reason I only did SuperPi and PiFast - on these machines, I don't have admin rights, so CPU-Z doesn't function properly. This means I can't submit a CPU-Z and wPrime doesn't work (cos it uses CPU-Z), or do any graphical benchmarks. I tried SuperPi 32m on the Prescott, but it kept failing. Didn't have time to run it on the Cedar Mill, but it probably wouldn't get anywhere in the tables!

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