13 Apr 2009

the benchmarking

I'm currently benchmarking all my systems and submitting results to hwbot.org - look at my profile.

I have the following graphics cards to play with:

2 x 4850
2 x 4670 (one almost new, one never used, trying to sell, £50 each)
1 x 1900XT
1 x 800XL
1 x 550SE

Radeon 9800
Whatever is in Dell 1
Some Rage thing I found on my shelf. Looks old.

The programs I use to benchmark:

SuperPi Mod 1.5 XS (1m and 32m tests)
wPrime95 (32m and 1024m tests)
3D Mark 01
3D Mark 03
3D Mark 05
3D Mark 06
PC Mark 05

So in order to get best out of each GFX card, I need to put into my best CPU system at it's best overclocked speed. So all the PCI-E cards will go into HALBERD, and I've yet to see which of the AGP systems (Dell 1 and P4 old crock) is the best.

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