29 Apr 2009

dutchie is all go go go

As I write, Dutchie is up and running, and installing Windows XP. Installation was fairly straight forward - CPU fit nicely, cleaned the CPU and cooler with some Akasa citrus CPU cleaner, added some Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste. The AS5 didn't want to spread evenly, so I did the best I could. What amazed me is that the Zalman CPU Cooler didn't fully go over the CPU - I was expecting it to.

It's currently got a stick of HALs PC8500 in there, and running off my WD Raptor. Why? Well before I set it up for BOINC, we have benchmarks to do! To start, all the 2D benchmarks. Then I'll have a look at some 3D ones with the 4850s in crossfire, if it'll play ball. Watch this space :)

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