19 Apr 2009

benchmark update

So this time, the Radeon X800XL takes a spin in HALBERD. Stock, the X800XL runs at 400/490 - my card was old, so only a 405/522 overclock was possible using ATiTool. I was hoping for more.

The system:

CPU: Intel Core2Duo E6400 (2.13Ghz) @ 2.448 Ghz
GFX: ATi Radeon X800XL (400/490) @ 405/522
WD Raptor, 2GB Ram @ 5-5-5-13 382.5*2


83286 on Aquamark (22nd)
26976 on 3D Mark 01 (49th)
12845 on 3D Mark 03 (30th)
5956 on 3D Mark 05 (35th)
2064 on 3D Mark 06 (24th)

Next is my old X1900XT - one of the hottest cards ever made (the fan never went full til 100 degrees C). I replaced it mainly as it was conking out at stock speeds :S I'll remove some dust, and see what that does.

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