21 Apr 2009

coolit domino alc

I was surfing Hexus.net, and they have a new competition up - for a CoolIt Domino A.L.C. This is an all in one water cooling unit for your PC:

Simply bolt on, place the radiator in the 120mm fan slot near your CPU, and it's done. Water cooling solution that you don't have to mess with. It's available in AM2/775/1366 forms.

I read a review at LegitReviews to see if this was 'all that', and they believe so. At an expected lifetime of 7 years (thanks to a ceramic pump) and a warranty of two, this beast need not be refilled in its life.

As with all electronics, the UK pays a premium on this sort of thing. The target was the $100 market. In the UK, this means £75 from eBuyre (remember when it was a 2:1 exchange rate so it should have been £50?). Now if you think about it, most high end builds use a form of Zalman cooler or its nearest rivals. These come in at £40-£50, so this is a 50% jump for what is water cooling, and potentially another 200-300Mhz on your overclock.

I think it sounds neat, though I guess I'll wait until I upgrade HALBERD before getting one.

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