15 Apr 2009

order of new purchases

After outlining my ideal gaming/storage/crunching systems, I figured out my next course of action of what to buy in order. It goes a little something like this:

1) £130 Antec 1200 case. I've been after one a while, and apart from get another graphics card, there's not a lot else I can do otherwise. With this, I can put HALBERD (my E6400) in it, then put HarukaKanata(HK) into the Thermaltake Armour that HALBERD was in. Then I can rearrage HK into a purely storage system with a 4670 and all the Hard Drives - The 4850s can be split between HAL and JC until MilkyWay gets solid work, then I can put both into HAL. It has 4 SATA ports and IDE ports for 4 drives. Stick the 550W Hiper PSU currently in JC in there and away we go! This also leaves the case HK was in for a potential crunching system.

2) £45 4GB DDR2 RAM. The PC8500 stuff is quite cheap now, and I'll stick this in HALBERD. This leaves me with 2GB DDR2, which I may be able to put towards a new machine I may be building for my father, or a crunching machine.

3) £120 X2-5050e/ASRock motherboard/Zalman cooler. This will be my first crunching system. I already have the case (old HK case) and RAM. I have plenty of HDDs lying around, and a 700W PSU to put in it. Both 4850s will end up in this one for crunching.

4) £120/£260 New GFX Card - 4850 or 4850X2 If it's an X2, I can stick it into crunch and use a 4850 in HAL for gaming. This is all a question of what money I've got, how much they cost, and when I want to splurge.

5) £120 Another HDD for HK Given that I've already filled 1.5TB, another wont go amiss.

6) At this point, it might be 8-12 months from where I am now, so the CPU climate would have changed completely. At this point, it'd probably be best to re-evaluate possible upgrades to HAL.

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